Grow Tall Guide: Making the Most Out of Your Sleep

83113509_XSIf your mom kept reminding you that staying up all night and not getting enough rest can stunt your growth, she could be right.  One night with no sleep will not affect your growth.  In the long run, however, it may cause you to get left behind.

Achieving your desired height can be very easy, that is if you’re sleeping correctly.  Here’s some tips:

Quality over Quantity

Do not fall into thinking a long sleep can translate to added inches.  Rather, concentrate on the quality of sleep.  With a “true, deep sleep,” the hormones for growth suitably operate to thicken and lengthen your bones.  You can sleep for long hours, let’s say 12 hours, but if a large part of it isn’t validly deep, the added hours cannot add to the rate gain.  Make it a habit to achieve a productive and deep sleep for your hormones to fully function.

Proper Way to Sleep

A proper sleeping environment is a must.  A sleeping mattress that is both firm and comfortable is ideal.  Make sure that the area of sleeping is well-ventilated, dark, and quiet.

A big pillow should come as soft, fluffy and comfortable. As for the sleeping position, keep in mind to align your spine properly.  Also, avoid bent positions which may cause body aches.


Sleep is a vital function.  With these elements added to your sleep, you are giving your body ample time to repair muscle, bones and other tissues, and replacing dead or aging cells.  Also, you are supplying a rest period for your brain.  Once you are revitalized, you’ll dramatically observe the changes in your height.

You can also use multivitamins with added human growth hormone to further stimulate your growth. Look for the ones with added vitamin C for immune system support.


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